Exploring AV Over Network Cameras For Remote Production

March 30, 2023

Remote (REMI) production for live broadcast events is becoming more and more of the norm for televised and streaming sporting events, newscast, weathercast, concerts, church, podcasts, education, streaming and other live production. Although nothing new, remote production and cloud production significantly increased during the pandemic to reduce staff on site or in studio. News anchors, announcers, contributors, and collaborators were calling in with video conference tools either through soft codecs or cloud production.

As we moved past the pandemic studios and content creators realized that this process not only created a safer environment, but also was extremely cost effective and efficient with less travel and less personnel on site or at each event. This opened possibility to cover more events and enabled smaller organizations to create and stream content.

Cameras that offer networkable AV over IP capability such as NDI®, SRT, Dante AV-H, and Zixi enable this to be done directly from camera. Then produced back at the studio, in the cloud, or directly to media streaming outlets.

On today’s episode of the Beyond the Lens podcast, Host Michelle Dawn Mooney sits down with Tod Musgrave, Sr. Director of Cameras at Marshall Electronics to talk about some of the tools that can be used in remote production and service longer term trends of REMI production.

“Over the pandemic, we quickly realized our USB and AV over IP cameras were going to be essential and needed to be expanded. NDI (Network Devise Interface), SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) and Dante’s AV-H (H.265/H.264) allow for video quality to be maintained from camera at low latency even in challenging internet bandwidth. Streaming AV becomes more efficient and thank goodness we had already built those collaboration relationships.”

Tod Musgrave, with 25 years of experience in the AV industry, has been developing the Camera Division at Marshall Electronics for over a decade. Tod obtained his BSBA in Marketing Management and Engineering from West Virginia University. Marshall has been serving the Broadcast proAV industries for over 40 years.

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