Innovative Training Programs Make Successful Skilled HVAC Professionals

June 6, 2024
Greg Crumpton


In an industry facing a projected 6% increase in employment from 2022 to 2032, highlighting a critical demand for skilled HVAC professionals, effective training and education is more crucial than ever. As HVAC systems become increasingly complex, the industry must address the dual challenge of a skilled labor shortage and the need for continuous technological adaptation.

What is the future of HVAC training, and how can industry professionals adapt to thrive in this evolving landscape?

Craig Migliaccio, the Owner, Trainer, and Author at AC Service Tech LLC, stepped into the spotlight to explore these challenges, offering his seasoned perspective on preparing technicians for a rapidly evolving landscape. Migliaccio joined Straight Outta Crumpton’s Greg Crumpton to discuss his innovative HVAC education and training approach that blends practical experience with digital resources.

Highlights from Crumpton and Migliaccio’s conversation include:

  • Education Pathways: Migliaccio’s journey from a hands-on practitioner to an educator, emphasizing the need for continuous learning and adaptation in the HVAC field
  • Training Innovations: The transition to online education platforms, which make learning accessible and flexible for a wider audience
  • Industry Impact: The crucial role of up-to-date training programs in maintaining industry standards and improving service quality amongst HVAC professionals

Craig Migliaccio is more than the Owner, Trainer, and Author at AC Service Tech LLC; he is also a passionate educator dedicated to enhancing the skills of HVAC professionals. With a background that spans practical HVAC work to developing comprehensive educational materials, Craig’s insights are invaluable to anyone in the industry looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Article by MarketScale

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