Gender Bias in Academia and Society: Insights and Challenges

December 14, 2023
Joshua Wilson


How does the pursuit of truth in academia and society navigate the complex terrain of gender bias, censorship, and the evolving dynamics of power and perception?

In the latest episode of the Untamed Ethos Podcast, host Joshua Wilson, founder of United Ethos Wealth Partners, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Corey Clark, a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania and the executive director of the Adversarial Collaboration Project. They delve into a range of sensitive and controversial topics, including political bias, gender and race issues, victimhood, and the dynamics of academia.  Dr. Clark asserts, “Women might think it’s more important to label something as something that needs to be fixed and to have some kind of medical or therapeutic intervention to deal with those things… it would be kind of consistent with, you know, women’s tendency to want to tend to emotional and psychological harm and to try to fix those things.” The discussion also touches on the nuances of male and female differences, both physically and psychologically, and how these impact various aspects of society and academia. This episode offers a unique perspective on current nuances of gender bias in academia and society, and the pursuit of truth in research.

Article Written by Janelle Bombalier

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