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James Kent

Podcast Host and Content Creator Stuff We've Seen Podcast
IoT and OT

The Need to Protect Critical Infrastructure with Cybersecurity for IoT and OT

James Kent - Jan 2, 2023

With the growing threat of cyberattacks on critical U.S.


The Need for Radar and Visual Cameras for Autonomous Driving

James Kent - Jan 1, 2023

The promise of fully autonomous driving, glimpsed by the emergence of Tesla, may have hit a speed bump.The FCC granted approval for Tesla to use a new radar in its vehicles.


Continued Learning in Engineering Through Media

James Kent - Jan 1, 2023

One thing engineers and medical practitioners have in common is a lifelong career of learning. Education doesnt stop after handing out the degrees; a new chapter begins.

Fixed wireless access

Fixed Wireless Access

James Kent - Dec 31, 2022

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) summit on December 6, 2022, looked at the state of the market, use cases, and outlook for FWA deployments. The increase in 5G adoption, greater spectrum availability, and technical development of FWA architecture create the perfect scenario for FWA scalability.


Mitigating COVID-19 Through Improvements to Indoor Air Quality

James Kent - Dec 27, 2022

One thing is universally known three years into the global COVID-19 pandemic: almost all COVID-19 infections occur indoors.Poorly ventilated spaces help spread COVID-19, flu, and other raspatory illnesses.

Sterile Processing

Part 3: State of the Union for Sterile Processing and Technology

James Kent - Dec 27, 2022

Creating Sterile Processing Department schedules that make the most of a staffs time requires a complete understanding and visibility of the demands of a particular healthcare facility. And to gain that big picture, a department needs data and lots of it.

Jobs Market

November’s U.S. Jobs Market: A Closer Look at What the Numbers Reveal

James Kent - Dec 23, 2022

Economists have sounded the alarm bells of a coming recession for so long that it might surprise some that the U.S.

Sterile Processing

Part 2: State of the Union for Sterile Processing and Technology

James Kent - Dec 21, 2022

There are an estimated 51.4 million inpatient surgeries performed in the U.


Part 1: State of the Union for Sterile Processing and Technology

James Kent - Dec 15, 2022

Many areas of healthcare struggle with staffing issues, requiring personnel to do more with fewer resources. Sterile processing departments are not immune to these issues.

Are We There Yet?

The HIGHEST-FLYING Conference of the Year, 2022 NBAA BACE

James Kent - Nov 15, 2022

Every year there is one place to find all of the cutting-edge technology leading the business aviation space: The NBAA BACE Conference. This annual event, hosted this year in Orlando, Florida, is truly the epicenter of exciting things happening in business aviation.

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? Advancing Driver Safety and Savings Through Data and AI

James Kent - Nov 9, 2022

InsurTech 2.0 brings next-level promise in digital capabilities for the insurance industry, and thats a good thing.


Squared Away: The Story of SMC Squared—Our Founders Discuss Company Origins

James Kent - Oct 27, 2022

Companies evolve, shift, and transform to survive and thrive. Evolution is built into SMC Squareds DNA to ensure it can meet the global demands of its customers.

adaptive reuse hotel-to-apartment conversions
Architecture & Design

Are Hotel-to-Apartment Adaptive Reuse Conversions Worth the Investment?

James Kent - Oct 7, 2022

The need for affordable housing, especially in major cities, is a constant challenge for tenants, an often-nebulous investment for developers, and a point of contention for city officials. A recent trend meant to fill this void and buoy development costs is getting mixed results, and its being attempted by several metros: Converting unused and underused hotels and office buildings into apartments.