James Ochoa

VP Cloud Sales Flexential

Specialties: Leveraging Technology to help Clients reach their goals. I work very closely with my clients to understand their present needs and help lay out a technological plan that will help meet those needs while thinking of the future. My experience with both premise and cloud technologies ranging from IP telephony to system storage and virtualization enables me to have the conversations of a hybrid delivery. -cloud computing -storage -virtualization -hybrid cloud

Business Administration
aws AWS
certified-sales-1 Zerto Certified Sales
netapp-sales NetApp Accredited Sales
image-1-1 Educator
image-8 Business Development

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Hurricane season is approaching, and IT departments are readying their systems and their disaster recovery (DR) responses. While this preparation is critical, the threat of a cyberattack is also looming—and, unlike natural disasters, these manmade threats are blind to location and seasonality. Cyberattacks continue to increase in their sophistication and present a threat to every organization. The rate of incidence is also growing as businesses experienced 50% more cyberattacks in 2021 than in 2020.

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Flexential – Providing Enterprises with the Interconnected Data Center and Hybrid Cloud Solutions They Need

The pace of business is accelerating. Enterprises today require the robust networks and infrastructure required to effectively manage and protect an ever-increasing volume of data.

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