Jason Innes

Director of Curriculum, Training and Product Management KinderLab Robotics

An insightful technical and business-process consultant with a broad background in education, publishing, and regulated technology environments. Following my passion for supporting kids' creative engagement with technology. Promoting STEM literacy for all through creative computing and robotics in early childhood.

Bachelor of Arts, Special Concentration in Media Studies 1989 - 1994
Certificate in Early Childhood Technology, Early Childhood Education and Teaching 2017 - 2018
project-management Project Management
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Quality Assurance
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Recent Posts


Combining Robotics and AI in Schools is a Sufficient Introduction to Prepare Students for a Tech-Centric Future

Jason Innes - September 8, 2023

Could robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) be the combination students need for a tech-centric future? As the world enters a future deeply entwined with AI, it's more crucial than ever that future generations are raised to be creators, not just consumers.

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Should Teachers Use AI to Promote STEM Education?

Jason Innes - March 1, 2023

ChatGPT, the viral chatbot launched by AI startup Open AI last November, seems to have become a nightmare for teachers. Students have been using it to cheat.

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Robotics in Early Learning Can Be Essential in How Students React to STEM Literacy

Jason Innes - December 6, 2022

Early learning robotics can be essential in how students react to STEM literacy and with large gaps In STEM achievement persisting across the U.S.

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