Joan Ross

Adjunct Cybersecurity Professor St. Martin's University

Joan Ross is an adjunct professor of cybersecurity at St. Martin's University, and is a global technologist by trade. Ross has over 23 years of experience as a Global Cybersecurity Technologist and CISO, with a focus on utilizing AI tooling for real-time cybercrime detection and prevention. She's held significant roles, currently serving as the Chief Intelligence Officer at InsightCyber and Global Cybersecurity Technologist at CISO Advisory Services, and formerly serving as Advisory Board Member at the University of Washington's CIAC and Regional CISO at Fortinet.

Her expertise and research is focused on AI for cyber security, forensics, vulnerability analysis, threat intelligence, secure design, global services, incident response, encryption key management, privacy, infrastructure reliability, and successful technical implementation of industry leading cyber security strategy.

Doctorate Program, Artificial Intelligence to Detect and Contain Cybercrime & Information Security Attacks 2020
MS, College of Engineering, Design & Engineering, BA, College of Arts & Sciences, Documentary Production
image-3 Cybersecurity
image-46 Artificial Intelligence
image-5 Cyber Threat Intelligence
image-6 Governance, Risk & Compliance
image-7 Information Security Leadership

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