John Petrozzelli

Director, MassCyberCenter Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

John Petrozzelli is the Director of MassCyberCenter, a Cybersecurity Incident Responder, and an Insider Threat Instructor. Formerly, he directed cybersecurity operations for Magna5’s Boston Region and held senior leadership roles at the FBI, including as a Chief Security Officer overseeing security risk management impacting national security. Petrozzelli is a seasoned communicator, combining his decades of experience with his master's in information security to translate threat awareness to stakeholders. With extensive experience in crisis management, zero-trust models, and computer forensics, he has been a featured speaker at prestigious cybersecurity conferences worldwide. Petrozzelli's expertise spans cybersecurity advisory, crisis management, and insider threat training, with a track record of successfully implementing enterprise-wide security initiatives across various industries.

Master's Degree, MSCIS Security 2012-2016
image-4 Management
image-3 Cybersecurity
image-2023-11-29T150828.451 Corporate Security
image-2024-03-01T035648.421 Network Security

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