Jon Stine

Principal J. Christopher CCV LLC

A retail technologist born and raised on the business side. An industry seer whose research consistently names what’s next. An explorer and creator of sustainable value.

MS, Telecommunications 1980-1982
BA, With Honors, Journalism 1974-1978
image-4 Account Management
image-2023-11-22T122116.162 Business Developement
image-58 Business Strategy

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AI’s Future: Is Ethical Human Behavior the True Answer to Regulation?

Jon Stine - September 20, 2023

As nations grapple with fast-moving AI technology and the best way to regulate it, could ethical human behavior be a preferable solution to government policy?The European Union is on the brink of establishing the worlds first comprehensive legal framework for artificial intelligence, but not without its hurdles.

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Software & Technology

Voice & AI: The ethical usage of Voice and AI

Jon Stine - September 7, 2023


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