Joyvina Evans

Assistant Professor Howard University

After an extensive career working in research, Dr. Evans transitioned into higher education. She has worked as a subject matter expert on course developments, professor, and in leadership positions within undergraduate/graduate healthcare administration and public health programs. She holds an extensive background in online education and has experience with online platforms including Blackboard Ultra, Moodle, Brightspace, and Canvas. Dr. Evans has presented at numerous conferences, such as conferences hosted by the following organizations/institutions: Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health, University of Georgia-ENGAGE, LaRoche University, Asian University for Women, Adult Higher Education Alliance, and Competency-Based Education. Dr. Evans research interests include women's health, reproductive health, health disparities, and health equity. She is a participant in the Society of Transnational Academic Researchers (STAR) Network and currently completing the Certified Research Scholar Training.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Public Health-Community Health Promotion and Education
Certificate , Executive Leadership, Certificate , High Performance Leadership 2019
image-2023-10-12T082259.408 Health Disparities
image-2023-10-12T082402.415 Health Literacy
image-2023-10-12T082628.531 Women's Health
image-2023-10-12T082703.877 Mental Health and Burnout

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Using AI in Healthcare is a Great Prescription for Healthcare Workers and Administrators, Though It Comes With Side Effects

Joyvina Evans - August 2, 2023

Patient care is getting a major upgrade, thanks to the integration of AI in healthcare. While many are still a little wary of this emerging technology, almost 50% of healthcare workers are on board, according to a recent study by GlobalData, which was designed to survey the current AI utilization in eight major pharmaceutical markets, including the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Japan, and China.

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