Kelly Massad

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mainstay Digital

Prior to Mainstay, Kelly spent the previous decade of his professional career as a management consultant 7 of which, with KPMG within their advisory practice. Over that time, he worked with several Fortune 500 clients to fully develop their back offices for F&A, HR and IT. Additionally, he spent time leading transformation and modernization efforts for systems implementations leveraging ServiceNow, Workday, Oracle and other large enterprise solutions. He has been actively involved in the blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) community since 2016, following and studying other emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (MLOps). His passion lies in the decentralization of future enterprise solutions. As a career learner, he sought to build a space for market leaders to engage in a community of like-minded learners to lead the cutting edge of enterprise solutions and implement what could be the next piece of the puzzle to bolster growth, increase revenue and pave the path to innovation.

Bachelor of Business Administration | Management & Marketing
Dean's List \ Beta Theta Pi member
image-9 Leadership
image-14 Finance
sales Sales
222 Restaurant Management
hospitality-manage Hospitality Management
image-15 Services Consulting

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