Ken Brueck

Co-Founder Modus VR

Ken has a rare and valuable talent in understanding user motivation and needs and designing flows and features that meet those needs. He takes the time to understand exactly what a customer is thinking and feeling and then puts all of that research together to create clean, simple, and perfectly-featured interaction.

Bachelor of Science, Digital Media 2005-2007
ux-dsigns UX Design
design Interaction Design
information-archi Information Architecture
web-designing Web Design
streaming-media Streaming Media
social Digital Media

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Recent Posts

Modus VR in Action
Pro AV Today

Making Virtual System Design a Reality with Ken Brueck of Modus VR

Ben Thomas - June 30, 2022

Designing a physical space and imagining what it looks like can be hard, but new technology is making it easier than ever. Pro AV Today host Ben Thomas talked with Ken Brueck, co-founder of Modus VR, a new piece of tech that is leading the way in virtual design.

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Release Update – October 2022

Ben Thomas - October 31, 2022

Things have been abnormally quiet on the release front since our April release. The team has been hard at work on some major under-the-covers changes to Modus VR that not only improve things now, but also open up exciting possibilities for future releases. Keep reading to find out which things impact you the most!

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Modus VR Controls and Shortcuts

Ben Thomas - October 31, 2022

Some commonly-used controls for Modus VR changed in the September 2022 release to enhance usability. Rotating objects Modifier button Snapping Duplication

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Switching to OpenXR

Ben Thomas - October 31, 2022

Starting with the September 2022 release of Modus VR, your VR software (Oculus/Meta, SteamVR, or Mixed Reality Portal) must be configured as the OpenXR runtime. Modus VR will not work correctly if you skip these steps! If you weren’t running Modus VR before September 2022, you likely do not need to worry about this because OpenXR is a default setting for new installs.

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Release Update – April 2022

Ben Thomas - April 21, 2022

With April arrives a shower of new objects and features updates. We’re happy to announce Barco’s complete lineup of Clickshare products have made their way into Modus VR, along with a basket full of new products from other Modus Match Partners like Crestron, Logitech, and Salamander. Keep reading to learn about what’s new in Modus VR this release!

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Release Update – December 2021

Ben Thomas - December 29, 2021

With our fifth and final release of 2021, we are excited to announce our official partner program, otherwise known as “Modus Match”. Manufacturers particing in Modus Match include AVTeq, Crestron, Huddly, Lenovo, Logitech, Poly, and Salamander Designs. Read more in our Modus Match Press Release.

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