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I am results-oriented and multifaceted marketing professional, with extensive skills and experience in all aspects of marketing management both in corporate and academic settings. I am armed with exceptional abilities in quantitative and qualitative research, as well as campaign and brand development based on consumer insights and market research. I can identify client and prospect needs to align with proper marketing and research initiatives. I can do predictive and prescriptive modeling and translate it to business intelligence. I am known for proven record of success in developing and implementing innovative strategies to drive growth, generate revenue, and increase bottom-line. I have a strong background in communication, which I need to be successful in working in the marketing field. I know how to communicate with consumers. In addition,I understand consumer behavior. I have the ability to use my expertise to create marketing strategy. I have a strong background in all the aspects of marketing from product development, create strategic marketing plans for businesses, advertising and promotions, market research, and many other aspects of marketing. Ask a question or post an update…

PhD 2016
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