Kristin Wise

Contract Writer and Digital Marketer Marketscale

Kristin Wise is an experienced writer and editor who realizes the importance of every word, every character, and every conveyed message — and backing it with data. An avid traveler, dog lover, and big family gal, Kristin enjoys using her skills to connect and empower people through purposeful communications and always aims to leave a person or place better than when she found it.

BS, Public Relations Knoxville (2009-2013)
MS, Digital Marketing Strategy (Sept 2022-May 2023)
Learning Development
Professional Development
Creating Brochures
editing Editing

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Average Drive-Thru Wait Times Surpass 6 Minutes. Should QSRs Look to New Conveniences?

Justin Honore - December 13, 2021

With consumer expectations of near “instant gratification” increasing thanks to companies like Amazon, quick service restaurants (QSR) are thinking of ways to keep up with and satisfy the trend. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has this challenge at the forefront of their operations and are testing opti

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The Bluetooth Parking Beacon – Micromobility’s Revolutionary Parking Solution

MarketScale -

The popularity of micromobility throughout the globe continues to grow, and with this growth, cities continue to struggle with creating viable parking solutions. The complex ecosystem of micromobility schemes within the city landscape requires companies to utilize the latest technologies and find solutions for evolving regulatory requirements and consumer needs.

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