Lauren Maffeo

Senior Service Designer Steampunk, Inc.

Lauren is an award-winning author, analyst, and designer of data systems for the U.S. Federal government. Career highlights include leading service design for an agency database with 46 million+ unique data points, PDF parsing for a website migration from PHP to Drupal, and designing the first service model for an Assistant Chief Data Office.

Lauren currently supports the U.S. Coast Guard's first Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer (CDAO), where she leads design activities to align data mesh, governance, AI, and analytics with the Coast Guard's key priorities. Her first book, "Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up", was adapted into a LinkedIn Learning course which is due for release in November '23.

Lauren is a founding editor of Springer’s AI and Ethics journal and a former area editor for Data and Policy, an open access journal with Cambridge University Press. She has presented at venues/with partners including Princeton and Columbia Universities, the U.S. State Department, and Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.

Certificate , Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy 2018 - 2018
MSc, Gender, Media and Culture 2011 - 2012
image-71 Public Speaking
journalisms Journalism
image-73 Storytelling
broadcasting Broadcasting
editing Editing

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