Laurence Kessler

Sr. VP Growth and Partnerships HealthRise

HealthRise is a dynamic healthcare consulting firm laser-focused on revenue cycle management optimization and sustainable success. A tech-enabled firm that stays ahead of the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, HealthRise deploys an approach that begins with an operational foundation, builds with our expert consulting, and ends with relentless execution. Learn more at

BS Exercise Physiology
podcast Podcast Contributor
cycle-management Rev Cycle Management
saass SaaS
educator Education

Recent Posts

Sports 'N Torts Presentation of College Football's Last Call - Week 1

September 9, 2022

Josh, Jason and Laurence discuss Week 1 of the College Football Season including UGA dominating Oregon, Florida upsetting Utah and the unimpressive debuts of OSU and Clemson. The group checks in on their "Sucker Bets" from Week 1 and give their projections for Week 2.

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Retaining Talent Will Be The Largest Priority for Hospitals for the Foreseeable Future

David Kemp - July 6, 2022

In many industries, including healthcare, staffing shortages and the challenges related to retaining and attracting top talent have become a major topic. David Kemp, host of Highway to Health spoke with Laurence Kessler, Senior Vice President of Growth and Partnerships at Healthrise on the matter.

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