Lena Pinkston

Internship Director | Clinical Instructor University of South Carolina

As a dedicated educator, seasoned retail professional, and accomplished entrepreneur, her mission is clear: to equip students and adult learners with the essential knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurial mindset necessary to thrive in today's fast-paced and competitive global marketplace. Lena is a passionate about curating transformative learning experiences that empower individuals to reach their full potential.

Masters, Retailing 2006 - 2007
Bachelor's degree, Family and Consumer Sciences Business 2002 - 2006
image-1 Strategic Planning
customer-services Customer Service
image-63 Creative Direction
teaching Teaching
image-2 Program Management
project-management Project Management

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Worker's Rights Questions Against Shein Mean The Forever 21-Shein Team-Up Could Make for a PR Headache

Lena Pinkston - October 13, 2023

Fast fashion retailer Shein recently entered into a partnership with top retail brand Forever 21. However, the Forever 21-Shein team-up is raising eyebrows in the retail space, especially because Shein has previously faced accusations of human rights abuses and the usage toxic chemicals.

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