Liz Manuell

Creator Digital Media Strategist MarketScale

Outside of guiding clients into authentically driven media campaigns, I am a wellness-industry entrepreneur, freelance photographer & videographer, graphic designer, music producer and content marketing strategist. My experience in running my own content production business alongside what I do in marketing allows me to obtain a unique standpoint on the industry, and gives way for my focus on organic growth through up-leveled content, authentic engagement, and developing a sincere brand identity. Personally, I am studying herbalist, astrologer, and create content about seasonal wellness. My favorite things to do involve getting out in nature with my partner and pup, and connecting with close friends and family!

Bachelor of Arts 2014-2016
image-37-1 Final Cut Pro
image-38 Media Production
image-39-1 Adobe Photoshop
image-40-1 Creative Strategy

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