Marco Carvalho

Professor in Computer Science Florida Institute of Technology

Marco Carvalho is a distinguished figure with an impressive track record in the realms of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, boasting over 23 years of dedicated research experience. Currently serving as the Executive Director of the L3Harris Institute for Assured Information at Florida Institute of Technology, he plays a pivotal role in leading a team of researchers and faculty members engaged in cutting-edge projects. Their collective mission is to advance the state of the art in information assurance and cyber resilience. In addition to his role as an executive director, Marco is a tenured professor in computer science. His dedication extends to teaching and mentoring students while fostering innovation and excellence in engineering and science. His research interests span diverse domains, including distributed systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and cyber security, and he has made significant contributions through the authorship of multiple patents and publications in these areas. Marco Carvalho is a passionate advocate for solving complex problems and driving positive impact through research and education.

Ph.D., Computer Science 2003-2006
B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering 1989-1995
acting Acting
image-9 Leadership
image-46 Artificial Intelligence

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