Mark Beccue

Research Director The Futurum Group

Mark Beccue is a veteran market research analyst with more than 25 years of experience in market research and business strategy. Mark is one of a handful of pioneering analysts who began to focus on AI market research in 2015. Today with Futurum Group and previously as a principal analyst within the AI practice area at Omdia and Tractica, he has advised clients and provided them with syndicated and custom qualitative AI research services. His expertise in AI use cases, applications and software, natural language AI and broader trends surrounding AI market adoption have made him a well-known and sought after speaker, panel moderator, conference chair and media resource within the AI business community. He has served in those roles for events including the AI Summits in London, Singapore, New York and Silicon Valley, IOT World, Smart Home Summit, UX Next and Telco AI Europe.

Prior to joining Tractica, Mark was an independent market research analyst focused on emerging technologies. Before going independent, Mark served as in house market intelligence analyst for Syniverse, where he helped guide overall business and product line strategies. For 4 years Mark worked as a Senior Analyst for ABI Research, a global technology research firm, focusing on mobile consumer services. Prior to ABI, Mark worked for 10 years for Syniverse in product management, greenhouse innovation and marketing.

Specialties: AI B2B and B2C market intelligence, analysis and insights. Natural Language AI. Operationalizing AI in the Enterprise. AI market adoption trends and issues. Strengths - AI and other technical market analysis designed for business readers, writing, thought leadership, forecasting, market sizing

Bachelor of Science, Journalism 1979 - 1983
stategies Market Research
marketing-strategies Marketing strategy
product-manage Product Management
image-58 Business Strategy
image-71 Public Speaking
image-9 Thought Leadership

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Mark Beccue - August 8, 2023

Four major US AI firms, including Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and ChatGPT's creator OpenAI, have launched the Frontier Model Forum to address advanced AI risks and establish industry standards. This collaborative initiative emphasizes safety, security, and trust, with companies committing to risk management system tools like watermarking systems to differentiate AI-generated from human-produced content.

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