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Meghaan R. Lurtz, is a Senior Research Associate at In addition to her work on the site, Meghaan teaches at multiple universities. Meghaan has finished her Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University. Meghaan is a past President of the Financial Therapy Association.

Working with Financial Planners Meghaan saw the need to bring client-focused psychology into the planning process. An experienced business advisor, from her background in I/O Psychology, she combines her love of people and pro-active mentoring with specialized financial support and literacy to change lives and lifestyles for the better.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Personal Financial Planning/Financial Therapy 2014 - 2019
Master's Degree, Industrial and Organizational Psychology 2013 - 2014
BA, Philosophy, Psychology, Spanish 2003 - 2008
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Meghaan Lurtz - September 7, 2023

Financial pressures are looming larger than ever thanks to tight economies, increasing retail debt, and skyrocketing interest rates. Subsequently, financial advisors find themselves in a crucial yet tricky role.

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