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Recent Posts


Insurance Providers are Increasingly Partnering with Other Organizations to Improve Public Access to Mental Health Care

Melanie Musson - September 5, 2023

Insurance providers are increasingly partnering with other organizations to improve public access to mental health care. Melanie Musson, a health insurance expert with InsuranceProviders.

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Indiana House Bill 1004

Indiana House Bill 1004 Aims to Hold Hospitals Responsible for Facility Charges

Melanie Musson - July 11, 2023

Indianas House Bill 1004 addresses healthcare costs that are becoming impossible for patients and insurers to pay. Melanie Musson, a health insurance expert with USInsuranceAgents.

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Affordable Care Act

Legal Battles and Uncertainty Surrounding Affordable Care Act’s Preventative Services Coverage

Melanie Musson - June 1, 2023

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has faced numerous legal challenges since its inception, leaving its future uncertain. Texas's courts recently overturned insurance provider coverage requirements for certain preventative health services, altering the landscape of coverage.

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pre-authorization processes

Insurance Providers Should Prioritize Solutions for Streamlining Pre-Authorization Processes

Melanie Musson - March 24, 2023

Prior authorization wastes medical and insurance providers' time and can result in poor patient outcomes. Changes are likely as the federal government reviews legislation.

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FTC Health Breach Notification Rule

BetterHelp & GoodRx Are a Good Lesson. The FTC Health Privacy Rule Will Come for You If You’re “Deceiving” Patients.

Melanie Musson - March 14, 2023

Health data privacy has a new enforcer in town. This year has been a year of federal crackdowns in the healthcare industry as digital health companies have faced the hammer of the Federal Trade Commission for allegedly sharing customers' health data for advertising purposes.

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value-based care

Political Opponents in Congress May Find Agreement Over the Benefits of Value-Based Care

Melanie Musson - March 2, 2023

Congress may not find a lot of unity to pass legislation. However, there is bipartisan support for value-based care.

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