Mellini Monique

Lead Pitch Performance Coach SXSW · Seasonal

Vocal Culture Garden is a boutique speech & presentation training firm. Our clients are WOMEN WHO ARE DOING GREAT THINGS--they're typically executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, and influencers of ALL INDUSTRIES.

We train women to cultivate speaking voices with poise, pathos, and power! Teaching them how to create powerful outcomes with their voices for professional and personal advancement.

Vocal Culture Garden offers 1 on 1 private training, group training, and experiential events for companies and individuals. We thrive working LIVE and VIRTUALLY via video conferencing.

Master's degree, Drama Therapy 1997 - 1999
Interdisciplinary Arts, Public Relations | Theatre 1993 - 1996
image-15 Team Leadership
Motivational Speaking
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image-71 Public Speaking
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Synthetic Voice Technology Needs to Iron Out its AI-Related Ethical and Legal Issues

Mellini Monique - September 25, 2023

Synthetic voice generation is now leveraging AI-generated technology to capture and create more realistic voices, which is raising new hopes and concerns about its use.Researchers from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and UC Berkeley have developed a revolutionary brain-computer interface (BCI) that enables a paralyzed woman to communicate via a digital avatar, translating brain signals into speech and facial expressions.

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