Naomi Duperón

Video Editor Marketscale

Creator of an animated indie series called Shamalotts. I have worked as a video editor, Graphic Designer and animator for years and now I am starting to work on other indie series, write original songs and even voice act in a few of them.

Bachelors Degree on Digital Animation 2011-2015
Video Editing
Graphic Design
Digital Art

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Sing Along with the Chucky Chicken Theme Song!

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Golden Skies - Jordan Quill

My doods, the new album for Golden Skies by Jordan Quill is out, I sing "Younger Years" and my artist name is Zanami! Be sure to check out the album and give some love and support to all the artists here by giving it a listen!

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Drawing of some characters for a series I'm working on_1

The Hollow week begins! DAY 1: The Twins Viviana and Kly as Deedee and Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory are here to trick or treat!

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