Prune Pasquet

Digital Media Strategist Marketscale

I have worked in marketing and communications for almost 20 years. Eager for new experiences and knowledge, I have taken on the role of Marketing Manager and project manager in various fields (hospitality, IT, metal industry, NGO, food industry...) for years. I have worked in France, Switzerland, and now live in the United States. As a Freelancer, I am, for my clients, a marketing consultant, project manager, web specialist, graphic designer, copywriter, artistic director... If you think that's a lot, wait. I am also trilingual in French, English, and German. What I particularly like in supporting small businesses is the possibility of concretely measuring the results of my work. It's like being at the same time the conductor and the orchestra of your marketing strategy. This versatility allows me to offer my clients tailor-made strategies and solutions, regardless of their resources.

Marketing strategy
Social media, influencer marketing, Google SEO, Google Ads... Almost every day we hear about new communication methods that all seem to be essential for the business. My general knowledge of different all of those communication techniques allows me to support my clients in their growth strategy, finding the best tools and media mix regarding their goals and resources.

Photo stylism and art direction
When it comes to marketing today, it's all about beauty. Even in the B2B sector, you have to win over your customers with attractive images. To produce good photos, you need a good photographer, but also a good concept, as well as someone who makes sure that the pictures made correspond perfectly to your brand universe and your communication strategy.

Copywriting and journalism
Writing well is not just choosing pretty words. And in terms of marketing, more particularly, it is also about knowing what to say, what concepts to put forward, weighing your words, not saying too much, captivating your readers, tell them a story. My experience as a copywriter, but also a columnist for the Swiss press, and a Writer (10 Heures 10 Novel, published in 2016) helped me develop strong abilities for storytelling.

Graphic design
Logo, graphic charter, brochure, website, advertising on social networks... graphic design and production requires more than technical skills in mastering Adobe Creative Suite. They require a sense of detail, a trained eye, and great creativity but also consistency. So that each medium becomes part of the puzzle of your brand image.

References: Ocni Factory (food industry), Evian Resort (luxury resort), Eden Hotel (4* hotel), Akros AG (IT), Lagarde Autoclaves (industry), Ecole Technique de la Vallée de Joux (Higher education), Embyou (Cosmetics), Zero Foodprint (NGO), Salvation Army (NGO), ATE (NGO), Omega Watches (Watch industry).

Master in Communication and Journalism 1999-2003
Graphic Design
Content Strategy
marketing-strategies Marketing strategy
Photo Stylism and Art Direction
Copywriting and Journalism

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