Robert Voorhees – CTS, CTP, CTNS, DSCE

Avixa Diversity Council Member | Experienced Business Development | Channel Sales Executive | Vendor Management | Technology Enthusiast

If there was one statement that describes me best, it would be that I love helping people. Whether it be in my personal day-to-day goings or through my line of work, i thoroughly enjoy knowing that i was able to make a difference for someone. You might be thinking "how can being a lifelong Sales Executive help people?" Well, i am fortunate in that my customers have needs, wants, and problems and i have the ability to help solve them. Audio/Video and Telecommunications are my lifelong passion and also a personal hobby of mine. I believe wholeheartedly that it shouldn't be considered "work" if you are having fun doing it. I have found myself on a career path that allows me to essentially "do it all" for my customers and partners all because of a single email, text, phone call, or Linkedin message! I bring a level of passion and aggressiveness to every A/V project i am a part of which helps drive the desired results. Even dating back to my time working in retail in the 90's-00's i always recited "you are your own brand and you should represent yourself as such". I strive to be an ambassador for everything i am responsible for- myself, my clients, and my partners. My "polite aggressiveness" extends to my own education and the need to always be learning. Because of this belief i have achieved essential certifications in telecommunications(CTP and CTNS) as well as Professional Audio/Video (CTS and DSCE) which help me better serve our customers each day. If i can ever be of any service to you or your own customer base, i would love to connect and continue to grow our networks together!

Bachelors, Business Administration
consultings AV Consulting
sales Sales/Business Development
medias Media Savvy
customer-services Customer Service

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