Robin Goldsmith

Global Lead, Connected Health & Innovation Verizon Business Group

Dedicated focus on innovation and strategy to address healthcare's most challenging problems by leveraging best in class technology. Experience across digital health, patient engagement, patient experience and healthcare technology.

BA History and French
image-58 Business Strategy
digital-marketing-1 Digital Marketing
social-media-n Social Media Marketing
strayegy-partnership Strategic Partnerships
image-8 Business Development

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Recent Posts

digital health

2024 Healthcare Predictions (Part2/2): Demand for Convenience will Drive Digital Health

Robin Goldsmith - February 20, 2024

Verizon's Robin Goldsmith and Matt Cybulsky from Ionian Consulting dive deep into the true motivators for industry shifts, value-based care in 2024, the reckoning in tech-equity, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

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healthcare predictions

2024 Healthcare Predictions (Part 1/2): An Industry Prime for Disruption

Robin Goldsmith - February 14, 2024

Get out your notepad for this edge-of-your-seat exchange between Verizon's Robin Goldsmith and Matt Cybulsky from Ionian Consulting. Momentum has been building for healthcare disruption for years, but 2024 seems prime for major leaps forward as readiness in the industry has matured.

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purpose-built devices

It’s a Mobile World (Part 2/2): Accelerating Care via Purpose-built Devices

Robin Goldsmith - February 6, 2024

The conversation between Verizon's Robin Goldsmith and Social Mobile's CEO Robert Morcos ramps up to a lively banter on new healthcare delivery models, AI, security and how purpose-built devices enable the new care ecosystem to meet ever evolving consumer needs and deliver data faster and more efficiently into the hands of healthcare providers.

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prime time for healthcare

It’s a Mobile World (Part 1/2): It’s Prime Time for Healthcare

Robin Goldsmith - January 30, 2024

Join Verizon's Robin Goldsmith and Social Mobile's CEO Robert Morcos as they discuss how mobility is playing a critical role in the evolution of how healthcare is delivered.

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courage to change

Humanizing Healthcare (Part 3/3): Courage to Change

Robin Goldsmith - January 23, 2024

Verizons Robin Goldsmith wraps up his conversation with Dr. Zeev Neuwirth, pivoting to how the perfect storm of a pandemic and tech acceleration have propelled rapid transformation in healthcare.

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advancing beyond the walls

Humanizing Healthcare (Part 2/3): Advancing Beyond the Walls

Robin Goldsmith - January 16, 2024

Join Dr. Zeev Neuwirth and Verizon's Robin Goldsmith as they unveil what else is required in this seemingly perfect climate for healthcare metamorphosis.

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