Ross Kinder

CTO Nametag helps security teams protect against data breaches by eliminating the use of passwords.

As a Distinguished Engineer at SecureWorks, Ross was a first responder to 200+ data breaches at Fortune 1,000 companies. In most cases the companies were all compliant. In almost all cases the cause of the data breach was a compromised credential, typically a password to access email. Ross designed's security architecture to eliminate passwords while providing "push button, get access" experience for users.

Electrical & Computer Engineering 1993 - 2003
image-3 Networking
image-2024-03-01T035648.421 Network Security
image-2024-03-01T035800.118 Computer Security
image-73 Cloud Computing
image-2024-03-01T100923.831 Information Security
image-2024-03-01T101037.722 Vulnerability Management