Russell Rhoads, PhD, CFA

Associate Clinical Professor Indiana University - Kelley School of Business

Russell Rhoads is a seasoned financial operations manager with extensive experience spanning several years. His professional journey has encompassed various aspects of the financial industry, including investment research, trading, and market development, with a distinct specialization in alternative investments such as real estate finance and credit/debt analysis. Russell is widely recognized for his strong analytical abilities, consistently achieving top rankings in company performance across all functions. One of his standout qualities is his remarkable track record of driving process improvement and boosting productivity through cost-saving initiatives, staff development, and effective training. Russell's leadership shines in complex projects that necessitate multifaceted collaboration between internal and external stakeholders. He is a highly effective communicator, known for his robust presentation skills that resonate at all levels within an organization. Russell Rhoads is a trusted name in the financial industry, celebrated for his ability to excel in financial operations and deliver outstanding results.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Management 2014-2021
Master Cert, Financial Engineering 2002-2003
pngtree-trading-line-icon-vector-png-image_6708688-1 Hedge Funds
pngtree-trading-line-icon-vector-png-image_6708688 Trading
pngtree-trading-line-icon-vector-png-image_6708688-2 Equities

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Short-Dated Option Trading Rises Without Shaking Up Overall Market

Russel Rhoads - September 8, 2023

The market for short-dated option trading, known as "zero-day options," has seen a significant rise in activity, rising in popularity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. These options allow traders to position themselves based on specific events like economic data releases or monetary policy decisions, and zero-day options for the S&P 500 now make up 43% of the total S&P 500 options volume, a considerable increase from 6% in 2017.

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Do June's CPI Numbers Mean More Interest Rate Hikes? Experts Are Watching Other Indicators For a Better Answer

Russel Rhoads - June 16, 2023

The dance between inflation and interest rates is a delicate one, and the Federal Reserve's role as the choreographer is critical. With the release of June's CPI report, how should businesses gauge the health of the market and the chance for further interest rate hikes.

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