Sara Weston

Founder CEO, Sara Weston Consulting, LLC

Sara is certified PMP and ENP and bring 18 years of experience to NG9-1-1 analysis, aiding in setting up governance structures for Emergency Services IP networks, consensus building expertise, consolidation and funding studies, radio knowledge and experience. She managed several unique state and region wide NG9-1-1 projects and have experience in NG9-1-1 planning and system design, NG9-1-1 governance planning, consolidation and funding planning, 9-1-1 grant writing and consensus building in a focus group environment. She is the Founder and Executive Director of 911derWomen.

Information Sciences and Technology, Information Sciences and Technology, Bachelor of Science - BS 2001 - 2005
project-management Project Management
content-market Writing
pngtree-trading-line-icon-vector-png-image_6708688-3 Telecommunications
image-15 Team Leadership
image-2 Program Management
image-12-1 Contract Negotiation

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Next Gen 911 Doesn't Have a Final Destination, But Lack of Funding is Slowing the Adoption Journey

Sara Weston - April 11, 2024

The transformation of emergency response systems through Next Gen 911 represents a critical evolution in public safety technology, enhancing emergency response capabilities with features like GPS tracking, live video, and real-time translation. As we move away from the outdated copper wire systems first implemented in the 1960s, the disparity between our personal devices and the tools available to emergency responders becomes glaringly apparent.

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