A Look Through the Lens


A Look Through the Lens: When A Sport Becomes A Science with Captain James Marko of Goliathfishing.com

  Sports are, generally speaking, the first experience people have with teamwork and competition. On this episode of A Look Through the Lens podcast, Captain James Marko, charter captain and TV host of Goliathfishing.com, sat down with host Sean Heath to discuss the transformation of fishing from a leisure activity to a research-heavy career. Athletic […]

Dan Cui said

SiOnyx Job Opportunity: Seeking Sales Rep for the Night Vision Camera that Inspires Community

  Alec Baldwin immortalized the salesman’s mantra in the film Glengarry Glen Ross when he said: “Always Be Closing.” That task is made simple when you’re selling a cool product like a night vision camera. On today’s Jobcast, Dan Cui, vice president of sales & marketing at SiOnyx, revealed the type of person he’s looking […]

Listen: Making a Product an Experience with Dan Cui of SiOnyx

  On today’s podcast, I chat with Dan Cui from SiOnyx. We discuss the advancements in the concept of wearables, the benefits of being able to have superhuman vision at night, and the future of cellphone. For the latest news, videos, and podcasts in the Software & Technology Industry, be sure to subscribe to our […]