A Move in the Light Direction


What Safety Measures Will Guests Expect as Travel Booms this Summer?

On this episode of A Move In The Light Direction, a podcast by Surfacide UV Technology, host Daniel Litwin talked with Wendy Walling, Director of Global Marketing at Intellego Technologies, and Jeff Veenhuis, President and CEO, Surfacide Manufacturing. The trio spoke about trends in summer travels as the U.S. meets new highs in travel demand […]

Is UVC the Future of Infection Prevention Technology?

The risk of cross-contamination and mass infections in healthcare settings has always been an issue, but in the midst of a raging pandemic, that problem has been exacerbated even further. However, with many hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities already stretched thin, an affordable solution that requires minimal time and effort to use is […]

Easing the PPE Strain During the Pandemic

  During the early days of the pandemic, one of the healthcare community’s challenges was a critical lack of PPE to fight the coronavirus. Ryan Madewell, Director of Environmental Services at Hunt Regional Healthcare for Vanguard Resources, spoke about this problem and how Surfacide’s UV-C solutions helped keep front-line workers and patients safe. Even before […]

How Healthcare Organizations Are Navigating Compliance Challenges during the COVID Pandemic

  The COVID-19 pandemic has strained healthcare systems and those who work in them all over the world. But, with more patients and more work, there cannot be a reduction in standards or compliance. Rich Feczko, National Director of Standards & Innovation for Compass One Healthcare, is one of many mourning the recent loss of […]

UV-C’s Role in Fighting COVID-19

  Multidrug-resistant pathogens are an increasing concern in healthcare. Finding new ways and technologies to fight these pathogens is what led Gunner Lyslo to create Surfacide UV-C, an infection prevention solution. Lyslo, Founder and CEO of Surfacide, spoke to Tyler Kern about the technology’s ability to play a role in fighting COVID-19. Lyslo developed Surfacide […]