A Propensity to Talk Density


A Propensity to Talk Density: A Geology Student Gets the Rock Facts About Airborne Surveys

When James Davies, a third-year undergrad geology major from the University of Birmingham, saw BBC footage about a Bell Geospace survey in Cornwall, he got in touch with Bell looking for a potential internship and industry advice. Well, Bell Geo’s Julianne Sharples couldn’t finagle an internship for Davies (yet). Still, she did bring Davies onto […]

A Propensity to Talk Density: Exploration Challenges and Opportunities in Malaysia

Roy Kittrell, Regional Geologist (Asia Pacific) at Bell Geospace, is a veteran in the oil & gas space. After fifteen years in the industry, Kittrell said he’s worked on everything from core analysis centimeter-scale geology to field scales with geological modeling. So, how did this dual national American/British Geologist find himself working for Bell Geospace […]

It’s All about Carbonates

A Propensity to Talk Density tapped three “rock stars” in the geophysical and geology space to discuss the importance of carbonates. Lending their thoughts and expertise were Colm Murphy, Chief Geoscientist at Bell Geospace, Graham Banks, Founder of Route to Reserves, and Jean Hsieh, Geoscientist for Sedimentary Geologist Consultants. “Modelling carbonate rocks, or ‘reservoirs’ of […]

Minerals and Gravity Gradiometry – The Whole World in Your Hands

Gravity and density are both critical to mineral explorers. The art of measuring variations in it, called gravity gradiometry, is of key importance to the oil and gas and mining industries. To glean some expert insights, A Propensity to Talk Density host Tyler Kern spoke with experts Dr. Tim Wright, Director and Principal Geoscientist at […]

Geothermal Exploration ‘Takes Flight’ with FTG

Geothermal energy is a hot topic in the energy space. However, locating geothermal energy requires complex surveys. There are many options, but innovative companies are taking to the skies. Discussing how these surveys work with FTG (Full Tensor Gradiometry), Bell Geospace Lead Geophysicist Alan Morgan joined host Hilary Kennedy on the company’s podcast. Morgan is […]