Accelerating Texas K12 Education


How Teach for America Brings Diversity in Education to Houston Schools

Teach for America has been a cornerstone in creating more educators for the nation. The nonprofit founded in 1989 operates in more than two dozen regions across the country and introduces commitment from young educators into vulnerable school systems. In the latest podcast episode of “Accelerating Texas K-12 Education,” host JW Marshall is joined by […]

K12 Summit Educator Series: Bringing Bilingual Education to the Forefront

  To kick off its first episode, host of K12 Summit’s new Educator Series podcast, JW Marshall, spoke with Dr. Liz Garza Garcia, president of BEAM with 16 years in education. While “Lizzie,” as nicknamed in college, would have never been associated with teaching, Garcia began mentoring and tutoring students in junior college. The experience […]

K12 Summit Educator Series: Supporting Bilingualism Across Texas

Host of K12 Summit’s Educator Series podcast, JW Marshall, sat down with David Nungaray, the public relations chair for the Texas Association of Bilingual Education (TABE) and bilingual consulting partner with The New Teacher Project. Growing up as a bilingual student himself, Nungaray has a mission of elevating the importance of multilingual education. For his […]

Summit K12: The Power of Student Choice Reading Programs

Roni Burren, President of TCTELA, is a self-professed lover of books, children, and justice. She is a longtime K12 educator and current adjunct professor at the University of Houston. She spoke with JW Marshall about her role as president of the Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts and its focus on supporting ELA […]

Accelerating Texas K12 Education: Connecting the real world to the classroom.

For twenty-seven years, Jen Meyer, President of Science Teachers Associations of Texas (STAT) and educator, has been well-versed in education ranging from elementary to special education. Meyer, the coordinator for elementary science, describes her career as an “Interesting and exciting educational career.”Meyer shares that fellow educators she has known have amazed her with the community’s […]

Accelerating Texas K12 Education: The Importance of Personalized Instruction for Students

The core foundation of every successful movement in cultivating change and growth is education. Former district superintendent and current Executive Director of The Texas School Alliance, Dr. Curtis Culwell, joined host J.W. Marshall to speak about educational policy, innovation, and student experience. Dr. Culwell realizes that not every student starts at the same place; wherein […]

Accelerating Texas K12 education: The Future of Innovation in School Districts

In this episode of Accelerating Texas K12 Education, host, JW Marshall, of Summit K12, is joined by Doug Roberts, Founder/CEO of, the Institute for Education Innovation. The two discussed what dive into what it is that Robert’s organization does at both a local and national level. Robert’s also offereds insights on into the past, present, […]

Accelerating Texas K12 Education: Bilingual/ESL Education Association of The Metroplex and Their Annual Symposium

Liz Garza-Garcia, BEAM (Bilingual/ESL Education Association of the Metroplex for the North Central Texas Region) President, began her education journey with a simple goal in mind: to become an educator. During her University Studies, a professor changed Garza-Garcia’s direction, instilling in her the idea that if she possessed the ability to speak or learn another […]

Accelerating Texas K12 Education: The Future of K12 Education

Podcast host JW Marshall welcomed guest Dr. Melana Silvia, former curriculum Director of Pre-K through 12 Math and Science program for the Calallen Independent School District, Corpus Christi, TX to discuss the past, present, and future state of education on the popular podcast Accelerating Texas K12 Education. Dr. Silvia spent 33 years in education with […]

Accelerating Texas K12 Education: TASA: Putting the Public Back into Public Education

With the education sector completely disrupted from the pandemic, school administration and students alike are feeling anxiety and pressure from the uncertainty and instability of the world. What does the ‘new normal’ look like for educating students? How are schools handling staff burnout? Answering these questions and more on Accelerating Texas K12 Education is Kevin […]

Accelerating Texas K12 Education from Summit K12 Education

Summit K12’s vision is “Creating a digital platform that differences and accelerates learning for every student.” John Kresky, Founder and CEO of Summit K12, joined Host Tyler Kern to discuss how this vision came to fruition and how Summit K12 is growing into this Kresky began his career working at Study Island, an online test […]