Dispelling the Myths of What Makes a Quality Shoe Insert

  The latest AliTalks podcast discussion examined the important factors that go into a quality shoe insert. Host Daniel Litwin was joined by Michelle Rocha, national retail marketing manager and product specialist at Bauerfeind. Rocha talked about the importance of the right insert to provide foot relief and alleviate knee and back pain. Rocha then […]

AliTalks: Nurses Shouldn’t Have to DIY Patient Positioners

  When patients are undergoing surgery, nurses work to ensure their patients are in the safest, proper position whether they’re lying on their back supine, face down prone, or even inverted in Trendelenburg position. To do this, healthcare providers use foam, gel, or bean bag positioners to properly support their patients, but some hospitals are […]

The Unspoken Need for Speech Pathologists in Healthcare with Sandy Grafton

  Speech Pathologists, once thought of as merely consultants for those with a stutter, are essential medical professionals that treat much more than a stammer. Today, speech pathologists are in high demand as conditions like dementia and brain injury are on the rise. The world is awakening to the indispensable need for speech pathologists as […]

Adrienne Hamilton says

Operating Room Turnover Kits are Saving Time, Money, and Preventing Infections

It seems healthcare professionals at care facilities are trying to do more with less time and resources: more patients, fewer nurses, less reimbursement from Medicare, and rising demands from health insurance companies. But at a time when some patients — an estimated 650,000 annually — are coming out of hospitals sicker than they were before […]