Around the Table

Welcome to Around the Table with Antunes, where we strive to spark your innovation and drive success in the food service industry.


Around the Table: Keeping It ‘In the Family’ Pays Big

Tania Sanchez wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after high school. Then, she started working at Antunes and realized she was exactly where she wanted to be. “I liked the work. I wanted to be part of something. At that time, there was a Wendy’s project that was a huge rollout, and I…

Around the Table: Expanded Customer Service for the Foodservice Equipment Industry

Dennis Wendt, Technical Service Manager for Antunes, knows when a customer’s foodservice equipment goes down, every moment spent waiting for a repair is money lost. As a service manager, Wendt’s goal is to address the issue as fast as possible either through technical assistance on the phone or on that very first service visit….

Around the Table: Automation in Quick-Service Restaurants

In the age of technology, convenience reigns king. In the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, where convenience and speed are part of the product, technology is a natural business partner. “Around the Table,” explores how automation has made its way into franchises all over the country, with the full extent of its capabilities still untapped….

Around the Table: The Benefits of Ultrafiltration Water Systems

Welcome to Around the Table by Antunes. This podcast, designed for the foodservice industry, takes an inside look at the products and solutions that benefit providers and customers around the world. On this premiere episode, Melissa Neckopulos, GM of Water for Antunes, discussed the importance and benefits of a water ultrafiltration system for food…