Cash Handling Made Easy With Tidel’s TR180 Cash Recycler

Retailers are now focusing on automating tasks that don’t add value, and cash handling is a significant part of this initiative. David Barclay, Vice President of Marketing at Tidel, joined host Tyler Kern to talk about Tidel’s latest cash recycler, the TR180. It’s designed to help retailers automate back-office cash handling tasks. Cash recyclers bring […]

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Trends in Cashless Facilities at Sports Venues: Cashin-In with Tidel

The pandemic accelerated a lot of growth and change, especially when it came to cash-free and digital payment options. Cashless stadiums create unique and pleasurable experiences for guests, as they can pay quickly and easily in the parking lot all the way to the hotdog stand. On this episode of Cashing-In with Tidel, Host Tyler […]

Cashing-In: Accepting Cash for Ecommerce is Bringing Unbanked Customers Back to Retail

When consumers think of ecommerce payment methods, debit and credit cards are the most prevalent forms of plastic they’ll pull out of their wallets to make a purchase. But a recent report finds as many as 6.5 percent of American households do not have a bank account. Retailers are beginning to realize these cashless, […]

Why Car Dealerships Should Transition to an Automated Cash Management System

On this episode of the MarketScale Software & Technology Podcast, David Barclay, VP of Marketing at Tidel, joined host Geoffrey Short to discuss how Tidel can provide car dealerships with solutions that help dealerships secure and automate their cash operations. People may not think of car dealerships as the type of establishment that traditionally handles […]

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Automating Cashflow is Empowering Retail Associates

We may live in the age of plastic, but 50% of transactions under $10 are still done in cash. There is more cash in circulation than ever before. In short, cash isn’t going anywhere. But, retailers know all too well that cash is fluid and hard to keep track of throughout the day as […]

Driving Efficiencies and Optimization for Cash-Intensive Businesses

Some say cash is on its way out. However, according to a Health of Cash study, cash remains the most commonly used payment method, used by nine out of 10 consumers in the past six months, and by 80% on a monthly basis. With a substantial portion of consumers still using cash, the need […]

Taking Cash Management in to the Future

While other transaction methods, including mobile payments and the increasingly popular cryptocurrencies are making press headlines, cash is still the most popular form of payment method. However, if not managed appropriately, the costs of handling cash can have a measurable impact on a store’s operations and bottom line. In business for almost 40 years, […]