Champions of Care


Host Daniel Litwin on Why Vendors Should Secure DHA/DLA Contracts

When it comes to procurement at the highest level, contracts can become a complicated business. Medical grade equipment for the military always requires next-level due diligence throughout the ordering process and, because of this, procurement can often take months to a year to finalize. With internal solutions like Electronic Catalog (ECAT), there are now ways […]

The Intricacies of Interior Design in Medical Furnishing: Champions of Care

  One thing that’s very important but doesn’t take a prominent role in healthcare settings is furniture. It plays a significant role in patient care when it comes to looks, comfort, and functionality. An efficient and welcoming space makes for a better care experience for everyone. On this episode of Champions of Care, Host Daniel […]

Champions of Care: How to Ensure Maintenance and Service for Your Medical Seating is a Priority

Brant Satterwhite, Director of Operations at Chair-A-Medics, and Michael Coombs Jr., Operations Manager at Chair-A-Medics, joined Champions of Care to discuss the maintenance and service of medical seating, as well as a walk-thru of a typical pre-service visit. Chair-A-Medics is the nation’s largest provider of dialysis chair maintenance and service; however, they also assist with […]

Champions of Care: What Does Home Eye Safety Month Mean to Vance Thompson Vision?

Bill Willis, Ambulatory Surgery Center Director for Vance Thompson Vision, joined Courtney Echerd to discuss the importance of eye safety and preventing injuries. Willis, a nurse for more than ten years, joined Vance Thompson Vision seven years ago, and his experiences exposed him to the many injuries that can damage an eye. Willis now works […]

Champions of Care: The Lasting Impacts of the Pandemic on Healthcare

A complex healthcare system already full of challenges didn’t need a pandemic to come along and challenge it further, but it did. Terry Zysk, CEO of LiveProcess, discussed those challenges and how the coordination of care in a hospital setting and management of various levels of staff, resources and supplies have changed since the start […]

How Data Elevates Healthcare Space Design (Pt. 1)

  On this episode of Champions of Care, a Champion Chair podcast and your leading source for industry-leading insights and thought leadership about medical seating and more, BSA LifeStructures’ Jen Worley and Karen Tobin joined host Daniel Litwin to outline how access to more informative and actionable data has elevated the way healthcare design promotes […]

How Data Elevates Healthcare Space Design (Pt. 2)

  In part two of the podcast, Daniel Litwin, Jen Worley and Karen Tobin dove into how certain design elements can help patients return to medical facilities and re-engage with routine healthcare, even in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s about crafting a space that supports peace of mind and a sense of safety, […]

Champions of Care: The State of The Medical Supply Industry

    Healthcare systems find themselves needing to maximize operational efficiencies to remain viable in a period when the COVID-19 pandemic makes everything a heightened challenge. Even before the pandemic struck, estimates projected that 50% of the healthcare industry in the U.S. will be part of the top 50 IDNs due to the need to […]

Supporting Safety for Infusion Therapy Through Standards and Capital Equipment

    Today’s episode of Champions of Care explores the quality and standards of care in infusion therapy centers and in the practice of infusion nursing. Until very recently, these centers, critical for chronic diseases that require intravenous medications, had no set standards. This lack of cohesive oversight was observed day in and day out […]

Practicing Proper Sanitization and Disinfection of Medical Equipment

    On this episode of Champions of Care, a Champion Chair podcast, host Daniel Litwin and Champion Manufacturing Product Support Manager Melissa Hirth sat down for a discussion on the importance of proper sanitization and disinfection of medical equipment in the wake of the spread of COVID-19. These practices extend to chairs and medical […]

Champions of Care: Solving Nursing Challenges in the Face of COVID-19 and Beyond

    On this episode of Champions of Care, a Champion Chair podcast, host Daniel Litwin was joined by Jonathan Massey, CCRN Regional Account Manager, Champion Manufacturing. After sharing a bit about his own journey toward becoming a registered nurse, Massey and Litwin focused in on the challenges nurses face not only during “normal” operation, […]

Champions of Care: How Advocacy Like #ShareYourChair Campaign Is Bringing Awareness to Infusion Care

    Across Instagram and other social media channels, critically ill patients began posting pictures of themselves in chairs. The seemingly unconventional selfie was part of a nationwide campaign by the National Infusion Center Association to #ShareYourChair. On this episode of the Champions of Care podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with Brian Nyquist, Executive […]

Champions of Care: Turnkey Solutions and How to Go Beyond Selling a Product

    Matt Weismiller, CEO of Champion Chair, joined host Daniel Litwin on the first episode of Champions of Care to discuss the unique relationships that develop in the B2B side of healthcare, and what the ROI is of elevating your partnerships and your customer service in the industry. Weismiller’s company is an industry leader […]