Conveying Progress

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How Automation in the Food and Beverage Industry Increased Safety and Efficiency

On today’s episode of Conveying Progress, a Benda Manufacturing Podcast, our guests helped us explore how automated robotics and systems support operations in the food and beverage supply chain. Coming off a year of challenges accelerated by COVID, including those surrounding worker safety, food safety, supply shortages and more, food processing and packaging plants are…

Conveying Progress: Project Management Is the Key to Being On Time and Under Budget

Project management is a discipline that a wide range of industries use. When they have skilled people in the role, it leads to successful projects and happy customers. To explore its importance, Conveying Progress host Tyler Kern chatted with Amanda Dahshan, Senior Project Manager at Benda Manufacturing, Inc. Dahshan first explained how she found…

How Keeping Stock of Parts and Service Can Save You Time and Money

Sourcing parts during field service is essential, but it’s not as simple as buying something off Amazon. However, there are still the same issues – sometimes things are overpriced or shipping takes too long. The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant supply chain issues, and Benda has had to work harder than usual to get parts….

Conveying Progress: Introducing Benda Manufacturing and Its History

Benda Manufacturing isn’t a new company; its innovative industrial conveyor solutions have served industries from food and beverage to packaging and pharmaceuticals since 1986. And it’s a family-run organization. Founded by Greg Benda, all six of his sons continue their involvement with Benda Manufacturing today. To kick off the first episode of Conveying Progress, Greg…