Dig Your Heels In

A woman’s work is never done. Join us as we discuss the obstacles, passions, and guidance of industry leading ladies making a difference for generations of women to come.

Season 1

Dig Your Heels In: A Working Woman’s Series with Lenovo’s Andi Huels

Andi Huels, Head of AI, North America at Lenovo is a true trailblazer, with a career path that, across several industries, gave her important touchpoints around the power of smart tools and has taken her to the top of the AI game. She began her career in the oil and gas industry for Crane, focusing […]

Dig Your Heels In: A Working Woman’s Series with Jackie Pasierbowicz

“Female” and “construction” are two words that are not typically paired. But Jackie Pasierbowicz, VP of Global Sales and Marketing at TAS Energy, is helping change this. Pasierbowicz discussed the current gender dynamic in the industry and how to promote female involvement with Host Gabrielle Bejarano. Pasierbowicz started in the software industry and moved to […]

Dig Your Heels In: A Working Woman’s Series with Amber Clore

When it comes to the world of interior design, Amber Clore, Owner of A.Clore Interiors is recognized as one of the best. Having found her passion at a young age, Clore spent her early days working on home projects while her peers were hanging out at the local playground. Clore graduated from Florida State University […]

Dig Your Heels In: A Working Woman’s Series with Allison Grealis

There are a number of industries that have historically had a disproportionate amount of male or female workers. Women dominate education and healthcare while more men have worked in construction and the manufacturing industry. To meet this difference, Allison Grealis, President and Founder of the Women in Manufacturing Association (WiM), combines her 22 years of […]

Season 2

Dig Your Heels In: A Working Women’s Series with Megan MacDonald

We’ve all had moments when we feel doubt in ourselves, education, experience, and accomplishments. This is known as imposter syndrome, and unfortunately, many female leaders and professional women struggle with imposter syndrome. Megan MacDonald is now a C-Suite executive at Hello Alice, and with solid mentorship, she developed faith in herself. MacDonald’s background focused on […]

Dig Your Heels In: A Working Woman’s Series with YiDing Yu

YiDing Yu is the CMO at Olive, a practicing physician, published researcher, and serial entrepreneur. As a female in the healthcare and tech industries, she’s excited about the growth of women in healthcare. Yu said she grew up with a ton of interests. She knew she wanted to be a doctor when she was little. […]

Dig Your Heels In: A Working Woman’s Series with Rachel Neill

As any parent knows, keeping kids occupied without using technology can prove to be quite challenging. Screen time continues to be on the rise with the increase in computers and smartphones replacing textbooks in the classroom. The global pandemic brought this to a head with quarantines and school closures necessitating the use of technology to […]

Dig Your Heels In: A Working Woman’s Series with Amy Czuchlewski

Amy Czuchlewski grew up around tech. Her father was an engineer, and her brothers and sister followed in his footsteps. After a high school aptitude test pushed her to study Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan, it was a total surprise to her that women were in the minority. “It hadn’t occurred to me […]

Dig Your Heels In: A Working Woman’s Series with Jolene Delisle

A captivating story is often vital in building a successful business. Jolene Delisle, Founder and Head Creative at The Working Assembly, a branding and creative industry for clients at various life stages, recognized the need for brands to refine, synthesize, and market themselves throughout their life cycles using storytelling. Delisle sits down with host Gabrielle […]