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Welcome to Discover the Truth with Garrett Metal Detectors, a monthly podcast where we explore the people, passion and treasures in metal detection.


Discover the Truth: Metal Detecting with Discovery Daisy

From scuba diving to treasure hunting, the need for adventure could be part of Discovery Daisy’s DNA. When a friend introduced Daisy to metal detecting, a new passion was born. She spoke with Tyler Kern about her love of metal detecting. While Daisy’s involvement with metal detecting only began in 2020, her love of scuba […]

Discover the Truth: Miguel Ardito’s Passion for Detecting with Garrett Metal Detectors

  Before working for Garrett Metal Detectors, Miguel Ardito did not realize that people metal detected as a hobby. Miguel is a jack of all trades at Garrett Metal Detectors – he’s a graphic designer, photographer and videographer for the company. However, he now understands why metal detecting is such a tight-knit community. Miguel said […]

The Key to Metal Detecting: “Dig A Lot of Holes”

  Stories about hidden caches of money and valuables from the western settlers and easterners riding the rails float around Montana for young men and women like George Wyant. These stories motivated Wyant to start poking around old cabins and structures in his home state looking for treasures. He said it’s always been in his […]

Discover the Truth: Metal Detecting Through a Kid’s Eyes with 8-Year-Old Emily Copeland

  It’s tempting to say Emily Copeland is not like other 8-year-olds, but the truth is she’s a curious, inquisitive little girl like any other. She just has the right tools to indulge her curiosity. On this episode of Discover the Truth by Garrett Metal Detectors, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with young metal detectorist […]

Discover the Truth: Finding the Right Metal Detector For Beach and Land Detecting

  The name Michele Maher probably doesn’t ring a bell, but metal detector enthusiasts would know her better by the nickname “Gypsy” she uses on her YouTube channel Zero Discrimination and the podcast All Metal Mode. The clever plays on words are a nod to her love for metal detecting, which led her to open […]

Discover the Truth: Gold Prospecting and Dump Hunting with Metal Detectors

  Maybe Carlotta Brandenburg is a lucky charm for fellow treasure hunters who seem to find one particular kind of relic when she’s around. On this episode of Discover the Truth, a Garrett Metal Detectors podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sits down with the Arizona detectorist to discuss the treasures she’s found and what others, including […]

Discover the Truth: Advice for Young Metal Detector Hobbyists

  You can usually spot Jocelyn Elizabeth a mile away. On a field of dozens of hobbyists using Garrett metal detectors, she’s typically the only young woman on the field with some radical shade of color in her hair. Elizabeth, the founder of Relic Recoverist, a popular YouTube channel about her relic-hunting adventures with her […]

Tips for Treasure Hunting with Nat Geo’s Tim Saylor: Discover the Truth

  On each episode of National Geographic’s Diggers, metal detector hobbyists Tim “The Ringmaster” Saylor and his friend “King George” Wyant traverse the United States in search of buried treasure. But treasure means different things to different people, said Saylor, who sat down with host Sean Heath for this episode of Discover the Truth by […]

Discover the Truth with Garrett Metal Detectors: Competitive Hunters Seek Hammered Coins in the UK

  Imagine the world is one giant treasure hunt. That’s how our guest today Garrett Marketing Director Steve Moore on the new Discover the Truth podcast with Garrett Metal Detectors feels when he goes out into the field. On this episode host Chris Reeves asked Steve how he uses the product, what his most significant […]