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What School District Leaders See as Next Steps

After one of the most challenging years in the history of the U.S. education system, district leaders from across the country are cautiously optimistic about the future. This finding comes from a new report from Cambium Learning Group, which reveals results from a survey of more than 100 PreK-12 district leaders across the country. In partnership […]

What Hybrid Classrooms Should Look Like

If the past 14 months have been the world, biggest and boldest remote learning beta test, the next 14 months should prove out better tools and techniques for schools going forward. In this episode of EdTech Today, Matt Cole lays out what that means for how Promethean supports their districts. Details from Promethean: The latest […]

Trox CEO Erez Pikar on Doing Business During a Pandemic

How do two of the most experienced education technology solutions provider in North America pull off a merger in the midst of a global pandemic? In this episode of EdTech Today, Erez Pikar, CEO of Trox, details this week’s announcement of his company’s connection with Tierney and speculates on the state of play in North […]

Building Support for Teachers on a LEGO Education Foundation

Many would say that teacher professional development is a luxury during this time of crisis for educators. Esben Stærk believes it is more important than ever. In this episode of EdTech Today, he describes how LEGO Education, in conjunction with Tufts University, developed courses for teachers to be inspired by LEGO Education products no matter what […]

How a Year of Disruption Bred Unprecedented Innovation in Education

How do you extrapolate insights on pandemic leadership, the role of women in EdTech, and the dynamics of Zoom in just over 20 minutes? Listen to Kelli Campbell, President of Discovery Education as she imparts on how Discovery Education continues to reinvent products and services during COVID, how gender disparities in education need to be […]

How to Build Better Learning Machines

As a 25+ year veteran of education technology, Elliott Levine has seen a lot of change. In his new role with Qualcomm, he has the opportunity to affect more change than ever before. In this episode of EdTech Today, Levine outlines the challenges that lie ahead for post-pandemic issues and, more importantly, the solution to […]

Parents Are the New Customer in EdTech

Earlier this year, Marcus Kingsley joined SchoolStatus, the K12 edtech company that harnesses student data insight to power teacher conversations. According to company executives, Kingsley excels in the development of strategic alliances with customers to drive sustainable growth and will be leading an established team of Regional Sales Executives, Sales Development Representatives, and Customer Success […]

How McGraw Hill Powers Personalized Learning with Student-Centered Solutions

  Chalk up another bit of crazy pandemic business—While McGraw Hill Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Shawn K. Smith and Dr. Dylan Arena, Co-Founder and CEO of Kidaptive, have never met in person, they have still been able to work a major acquisition into the fold of an iconic education brand. In this episode of EdTech […]

How Adobe Education is Fueling Creativity in the Classroom

Would this massive shift to remote working and learning have worked without Adobe digital tools like PDFs and Portfolio? The way that Mala Sharma, VP & GM Creative Cloud Product, Marketing and Community at Adobe explains it, we don’t think so. In this episode of EdTech Today, Mala details the pandemic moves and methodologies of […]

District Leaders on What K-12 Schools Will Look Like Post-Pandemic

For Doug Roberts, Co-Founder and CEO of The Institute for Education Innovation (IEI), it was go big or go home in 2020 with hosting actual in-person events, with actual school district leaders. With some of his and his team’s own use of innovation, they pulled it off. In this episode of EdTech Today, Doug talks […]

How Can Employee Training Take Advantage of Online Tutoring Services?

There is good reason that Myles Hunter,  Co-founder and CEO of TutorMe, was accepted into the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invitation-only community for the world’s most successful entrepreneurs 45 and younger, this year. His online tutoring solution has not only accelerated during the pandemic but has the potential to further transform higher education. In […]

Ramping Up Services for Students

How do you tackle COVID response, the misnomer that is “learning loss,” artificial intelligence, digital platforms and pedagogy, plus Rodney Dangerfield in 25 minutes? In this episode of EdTech Today, DreamBox Learning CEO  Jessie Woolley-Wilson addresses all of that and more. DreamBox Learning, the K-8 digital math company that pioneered Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology, recently […]

Must the EdTech Trade Shows Go On?

Anyone else miss crowded trade show floors, hotel lobby bars, and last-minute coffee meetups? In this episode of EdTech Today, edTech industry event veteran Frank Catalano dives into “The List”—his ever-changing tally of in-person education events that suddenly disappeared one year ago this month—and divines when we may once again be brushing elbows, instead of […]

Virtual College Fairs Are Here To Stay

  Let’s face it. Some things aren’t going to go back to normal. That’s a good thing, according to Julio Ronchetti, CEO and Founder at NOVVA AI Technology, whose company’s platform is aiming to reinvent the college fair experience. In this episode, Julio describes how the pandemic has forced higher ed to comes to terms […]

EdTech Needs to Embrace Parents Post-Pandemic

Not even one month into his new role as Chief Strategy Officer at ParentSquare and Chad Stevens has created the first and possibly most important edtech acronym for 2021. In this episode of EdTech Today, Chad drops the particulars of Parent Relationship Management (PRM) and how the present technologies that kept families connected to schools […]

Does Clever Plus Identity Automation Equal the Future of Education IT?

  While infrastructure may not sound like the sexiest of topics when it comes to reinventing education through IT, it remains the most essential. With the news that Clever, the most widely used digital learning platform in U.S. K-12 schools, recent partnership announcement with Identity Automation, the leader in identity management for education, that talk […]

From Nice To Have to Necessity: SEL for Schools Takes Precedence

Students cannot learn while in a state of trauma. Seems obvious now, but it wasn’t always when it came to school district structures. In this episode of EdTech Today, EmpowerU Founder and CEO Katie Dorn talks about how the perception of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has been completely transformed during COVID and how if education […]

Sal Khan and AT&T’s Anne Wintroub Discuss Making EdTech Entrepreneurship More Inclusive

The challenges facing schools have never been greater – but it also presents an exciting opportunity. In the premiere episode of Edtech Today, host Kevin Hogan discusses a variety of issues with remote learning legend Sal Kahn and Anne Wintroub, Director of Social Innovation for the AT&T Foundation. In December, AT&T marked its third-annual Pitches […]

What’s Next for Higher Education

While Michael Horn know a lot about disruption in education, pandemics weren’t on the list. On this episode of EdTech Today, Michael talks about the effects COVID-19 has had on higher education and hopefully the silver linings that can come out of it. Michael Horn speaks and writes about the future of education and works […]

How SXSW EDU Lives On, Online

Last year’s cancellation of SXSW EDU in March was the first shocking wake-up call to the madness of the pandemic. This year’s virtual event (March 9-11) with keynote Oprah Winfrey will be a bellwether for what in-person industry powwows may look like in the future. In this episode of EdTech Today, SXSW EDU executive producers […]

How To Make Schools Cybersafe

Before the pandemic, the number one biggest threat to school districts was the compromise of their SIS. Malware, phishing, and ransomware events were rising, and continue to rise, exponentially. In this episode, Rivka Tadjer and Eric Lankford, experts from the K12 Security Information Exchange (K12 SIX) – a new national non-profit dedicated solely to helping to […]

How SEL Needs to Work in Everyday Teaching and Learning

Lupita Knittel believes that before we get back normal, whatever that is, education needs to build a new foundation. Forget curricula and assessments, and metrics, the importance of emotional health, for both students and teachers, needs to be the new priority. On this episode of EdTech Today, host Kevin Hogan sits down with Knittel to […]

Hybrid Learning can Create Better Teaching Techniques

For William McCallum, CEO and Co-Founder of Illustrative Mathematics, the issue of learning loss has scaled to involve every student, not just a select segment as it was BP (Before Pandemic). In this episode of EdTech Today, he offers insights on how to accomplish this challenge and touches on other new realities including, the future […]

Keeping the Best Parts of Pandemic Learning

Ethan Fieldman may be CEO of the biggest edtech company of which you have never heard. His 10-year-old organization, with no sales or marketing teams, works in partnership with schools, school districts, colleges and universities, state education agencies and others to offer online learning support for more than 1,000,000 students each year. In this episode […]

What EdTech Can Do for Teachers

For years before the pandemic (BP), Dr. Monica Burns went from school to school, airport to airport, to help educators make the most of new technologies in the classroom. Now restrained to Zoom calls, she still has a unique perspective of what thousands of teachers are experiencing during this crisis. In this episode of EdTech […]

How Open Education Resources (OER) Can Cross the Digital Divide

Less than a decade after publishing its first free, openly licensed textbook, OpenStax — Rice University’s educational technology initiative — has saved students $1.2 billion. In this episode of Edtech Today, Kevin Hogan sits down with the Managing Director of OpenStax, Daniel Williamson, to discuss his organization’s efforts to offer openly licensed textbooks integrated with personalized learning […]

Beating Literacy Loss Through Books

  The pandemic has affected so much in education. But according to Leib Lurie, co-founder of Kids Read Now, one thing will never change—kids reading under the covers with a flashlight. In fact, the current crisis has only made that practice more popular, as long as kids have access to those books. In this episode […]

How Microsoft Education is Embracing the New Normal

  Anthony Salcito doesn’t want things to go back to normal. Rather, he wants things to get better. As VP of Worldwide Education at Microsoft, he has navigated the company’s response to the pandemic across the planet. In this episode of EdTech Today, Anthony examines the new tools and techniques used in this massive beta […]

Upskilling Strategies That Work

  The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the nation’s economy, with 13.6 million Americans out of work in August 2020. According to McKinsey, even before the current crisis, evolving technologies and new ways of working were disrupting jobs and the skills employees needed to do them. This shift, coupled with a dramatic split in college attendance between higher and […]