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Just Say NOx: Why RASCR Is Succeeding in Quickly Controlling Emissions

  The rise of renewable energy has required creativity from power plants as they look to stay within emissions regulations Vaughn Watson, Director, Aftermarket Sales & Services with CECO Peerless Mfg., visits sites often and has seen the struggle to adapt firsthand. “A lot of gas-fire combined cycle facilities are being asked to augment with […]

Just Say Nox: The Application of Direct-Injection SCR for New and Retrofit Applications

  Jeff Broderick, Director of Retrofit Sales for CECO, joined Just Say NOx to talk about Catalytic Reduction Systems and the pros and cons of SCR and SNCR re-agent options for these systems. “The overall goal of both of these systems, whether it’s an SCR or SNCR system, is to reduce the NOx generated by […]