Faces of Design

Faces of Design series took a look at four individuals who are using their unique set of gifts for innovation in the industry.


Faces of Design: Reviving the Fire

Integrating Technology With A Centuries Old Craft Nestled in the San Jose Mountains is a company you would not expect to be changing the design industry. Situated between organic berry farms and foothills that take your breath away (especially if you hike them) is a more than 30-year-old tile company that is challenging the way […]

Faces of Design: Designing Your Own Future

Breaking Out Of The Mold Interior designers are often stereotyped as those obsessed with glamour and extravagance. While designers do appreciate the finer details in a space, they often are not lauded for the behind the scenes work it takes to get to the finish line. For every glossy spread in Interior Design Magazine, […]

Faces of Design: Life of an Architect

This article is the second in a series of profiles on architects and designers who are challenging the status quo and tackling problems worth sharing. A Curious New World Architects are inherently creative and curious beings – often opting to roll up their sleeves and learn new methods, technologies, or explanations for the world around […]

Faces of Design: Jonathon Kemnitzer

This article is the first in a series of profiles on architects and designers who are challenging the status quo and tackling problems worth sharing. Sometimes the best partnerships are born from solving real-life problems. That’s how co-founders of KEM Studio Jonathon Kemnitzer and Brad Satterwhite started working together almost two decades ago. Fast […]

Design Conversations

Faces of Design: Behind the Fire with Eric Edelson of Fireclay Tile

MarketScale has been following infulential members of the AEC community through our Faces of Design series, chronicalling architects, designers, and influencers who set an example of excellence. For our final episode of season 1, we profiled Eric Edelson, the CEO of Fireclay Tile, who took a dying company during the 2008 recession and breathed […]

Faces of Design, Cover

Faces of Design: Designing Your Future With Sarah Kuchar

Sarah Kuchar joined hosts Daniel Litwin and Bryce Stuckenschneider for a podcast interview to accompany the latest installment of MarketScale’s Faces of Design series. What followed was an in-depth interview about the challenges of striking out on your own to start your own business and the risks and rewards that come with that. “I saw myself […]

Faces of Design: Design Conversations with Bob Borson

Our faces of design are more than just faces. They’re voices too. Bob Borson, Principal at Malone Maxwell Borson Architects, used his voice to unveil the behind-the-scenes world of AEC to anyone who was interested; turns out that was hundreds of thousands of people a month. Borson’s blog, Life of an Architect, became one […]