Field Focus

From MSI Data, this is Field Focus. A podcast dedicated to improving the productivity of your field work-force. We'll discuss expert insights, trends, and the best practices to make your vision for field service success a reality.


Field Focus: The Journey to Field Service Excellence

  If the journey to field service excellence were an event, it would resemble more of a marathon than a sprint. But as Field Focus host Mike Pandl pointed out, it’s an effort well worth undertaking, and many great benefits can result from this journey. Two expert solutions consultants from MSI Data joined the conversation […]

How to Have a Successful Career in the Field Services Industry

On this episode of Field Focus, a podcast by MSI Data, host Mike Pandl, Vice President of Marketing of MSI Data, talked with Jay McFadyen, Chief Services Officer at Fairbanks Morse Defense and President at Fairbanks Morse. The duo spoke about field service leadership from a career perspective, the skills required to be successful, career […]

What Does the Field Technician of 2025 Look Like?

In the past 10 to 15 years, there’s been an explosion of technology innovations devoted to driving technician productivity. Bartos said there is a significant focus on the revenue aspect of field service teams. “[Technicians] are high-value technical experts on any field staff. The technicians we work with frequently are fixing major problems on major […]

Field Focus: Field Service Innovation at the Edge

For most field service organizations, the edge is their front line and the face of the business. After all, the mobile technicians that make up the edge are the ones that go out to customers and help solve their problems. Because these people are so essential to the success of a field service organization, it’s […]

Field Focus: How Businesses Benefit from Field Service Maturity Models

It’s hard to argue against the fact that technology has allowed us to improve our society in crucial, measurable ways. However, there are times that technology can be a burden, especially when we aren’t prepared to use it properly. In fact, many field service companies witness this firsthand when they implement too many software solutions […]