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Fusion: The Benefits of Briefing Centers

John Kolesar, Enterprise Account Manager for Electrosonic, and Sean McChesney, Experience Technology Consultant for Electrosonic, stopped by the Fusion podcast to discuss the benefits and advantages of businesses having an on-site briefing center. “A briefing center is a themed, immersive, corporate space where visitors can interact with products, the brands, and the employees of the […]

Fusion: Creating Smart Workspaces with AV, Tech, and UX Design

The modern-day office space is getting a shake-up. Gone are the days of gray cubicles and harsh, fluorescent-lit office floors. Contemporary workspaces are seeing a monumental shift in style, design and function, with innovative tech companies like Google and Apple leading the charge. Silicon Valley start-ups are drafting up corporate campuses that focus on collaboration, […]

Fusion: Discovering the Technology Behind Washington D.C.’s Spy Museum

Spies have captured global audience attention for centuries, be they real-world spies like the Rosenbergs, or famous fictional characters like James Bond. It’s no wonder the International Spy Museum is “the most successful paid admission museum in D.C.,” said Chris Cooper, the Spy Museum’s Project Manager for Electrosonic. On this episode of Fusion, we take […]

Fusion: How Electrosonic Delivered Award-Winning AV to the World’s Largest Museum Complex

The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre in Kuwait contains 23 galleries, 800 exhibits, a 4D theater and a 1 million-liter aquarium. Becoming the world’s largest museum complex, the centre is a cultural and financial staple of Kuwait City. It was conceived and constructed over a five year period, headed up by none-other than Electrosonic. […]

Maurizio Capuzzo said

Fusion: The XR Revolution is a Team Effort

In 2016, Nintendo launched the wildly popular Pokemon GO, introducing everyday consumers to the joys of augmented reality (AR). The Oculus virtual reality (VR) headset is just one of many popular wearables that allow gamers to immerse themselves in a virtual world. The extended reality revolution is happeninQg before our eyes. In this inaugural episode […]

Fusion: Observations and Trend Watching from InfoComm 2019 with Electrosonic

When you attend a cutting-edge conference like InfoComm 2019, you honestly need time and brain power to digest everything you’ve seen. That’s why MarketScale host Daniel Litwin hosted a post-show conversation with Bryan Hinckley, president of Electrosonic, and Maurizio Capuzzo, CMO of Electrosonic, who give their tech and culture perspectives on the effect of the conference. […]

Fusion: Theme Park AV and How ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ is Maximizing Storytelling

Theme parks have become a place where fans and guests can travel into new worlds and experience much more than just a thrilling ride. These immersive experiences are getting bigger, more detailed, and are requiring the support of innovative AV installs. As consumers come to expect more from their theme park visits, where does AV […]

Fusion: Technology Master Plans are the Blueprints for AV-Driven Design

Would you build a building without a blueprint? Probably not. The same applies to AV design. That’s because technology in architectural design isn’t an afterthought—it’s an expectation, said technology master planning expert Robert Pourciau. He joined us on today’s episode of the Pro AV Podcast, brought to you by Marketscale to explain the practicalities of […]

Fusion: How Control Room Design Impacts an Evolving Energy Industry

On today’s MarketScale Pro AV podcast, we are joined by Electrosonic Pre-Sales and Design Engineer Doug Walker and Project Manager Bob Mann for a conversation on extended control room design. Control rooms are integral to companies that make mission-critical decisions daily. As Walker points out, the term “control room” does not mean the same thing […]

Fusion: How “Experience” is Pushing AV Designs and Manufacturers to New Heights, with Electrosonic

Every single day we learn new processes and develop new solutions that can help save us time and money. There are few people alive today that don’t have smartphones or don’t use some type of virtual assistant or smart device at either their home or workplace. Innovations in automation and smart design have permeated our […]