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Impressions: Hot Trends in Self-Storage for 2021

RV and boat purchases are up, creating new opportunities for self-storage tenants and self-storage operators offering enhanced protection on renters’ valuable assets. Jacquelyn Nash, Sr. Account Executive with On the Move, broke down these and other industry trends for Daniel Litwin. “With the big boom in purchases of RVs, tenants are having a challenge […]

Gearing Up For SSA Conference 2021

On this episode of Impressions, an On The Move podcast, Host Daniel Litwin talked with Erin King, Director of Education and Events of Self Storage Association. They broke down everything you need to know to get caught up on what the Self Storage Association is bringing to the industry and why, if you’re in the […]

How Is a ‘Wild West’ Housing Market Creating Moving and Inventory Challenges?

The housing market’s recent boom shows no signs of slowing down. While the uptick in prices has been a boon for some, it’s presented tremendous challenges for many looking to navigate it. Chiefly, higher housing prices and a general “Wild West” atmosphere have led to material shortages and price hikes, as well as significant […]

Branded Trucks and Real Estate Businesses Are a Perfect Match

Real estate is all about space. Real estate professionals are in constant competition for properties to buy and sell for clients, and getting their business out front and center in a crowded marketplace is everything. Scott Bunn, CEO and Sales Master at The Scott Bunn Division of RE/MAX 8 in the New River Valley region […]

Impressions: Elevating the Customer Journey in the Self-Storage Industry

The self-storage landscape is changing, creating both new challenges and opportunities. Last year, the industry had a sales volume of $3.68 billion, covering over 46 million square feet. The sector did not see a downturn during the pandemic, causing lots of new capital investment. So, how is all this changing the customer journey? A roundtable of […]

Marketing Trends for the Self-Storage Industry

There are many ways to market a business, but making an impression that sticks with a potential customer isn’t always easy. The self-storage industry relies on exact timing to get their offerings in front of customers’ eyes when they need the service. This is where trucks come in. CJ Stratte, Marketing Director with On […]

Best Practices for Truck Rental and Self-Storage

Carol Mixon-Krendl, President of SkilCheck Services, began her journey into the self-storage industry in 1984. Over that time, and through myriad other industries, including real estate, RV parks, auto repair and call centers, Krendl picked up more than her fair share of stories and tales. Mixon-Krendl and CJ Stratte, Marketing Director for On The […]

Impressions: Controlling the Controllable: How to Set Goals for 2021

Getting minds set for accomplishing goals in 2021 can be a challenge after a year like 2020. But, lucky for “Impressions,” Ashlee Tirevold, Sales and Leadership Coach at Southwestern Coaching, and CJ Stratte, Marketing Director for On The Move, were available to help provide some insights and expertise on the subject. Work and life […]


How Tenant Protection Programs Benefit Storage Facility Owners and Tenants

It’s the whole point of a self-storage facility. Customers put their things there and can be at ease knowing nothing will happen. But, of course, there are things that can’t be prevented that take place now and then, from natural disasters to theft and accidents. That’s where a tenant protection program can be the […]


Overcoming Restaurant Challenges with Food Trucks

On The Move’s Marketing Director, CJ Stratte, and Specialty Vehicle Program Manager, Tim Moranz, see food trucks’ fantastic potential to stand out in today’s restaurant landscape. And, with the ongoing pandemic forcing many restaurants hampered, some permanently and others by reduced capacity, there is a need to find ways to increase revenue, think outside […]


Going the Extra Mile with Your Food Truck

Food trucks have driven a successful food business path, growing to more than a $2-billion-per-year industry. On The Move’s Marketing Director, CJ Stratte, and Senior Sales Executive Tim Moranz gave their impressions on what can help separate one food truck owner’s business from the rest of the pack on this episode of Impressions. “This […]


How Rental Trucks Help Real Estate Agents and Movers Alike

Moving is a hassle. Few like it because of the constant frustrations that can pop up. On the Move works to make sure a rental truck isn’t another thing causing a headache during the moving process. Its trucks are specially designed for easy transport of cargo, with subtle touches like the wheel well not extending […]