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What Does An Ideal Inventory Counting Solution Look Like for Retailers Worldwide?

On this episode of Keeping Count, a podcast from the experts at Datascan, Host Tyler Kern talked with Gerry Meca, Chief Information Officer at Datascan. They talked about some of the trends in the industry and what they will look like moving forward. Meca joined Datascan as VP and Chief Information Officer in March […]

What Impact Does Inventory Accuracy Have on Retail Sales and Loss?

The accuracy of inventory can quickly degrade when it comes to retailers, particularly those with many stores. That makes inventory accuracy critical, especially considering that companies have invested heavily in omnichannel methods and adapted their strategies to meet consumer demand. On this episode of Keeping Count, a podcast from the inventory experts at Datascan, host […]

Navigating Major Trends in Retail Data and Analytics

Like any industry, retail is now being forced to reckon with an emphasis on data – and analysis of that data – unlike any we’ve seen before. Retailers are in a position to understand more about their supply chain, customers, store experience, marketing and more than ever before, but they need solutions that can help […]

Keeping Count: Getting to Know Datascan and the Retail Landscape

Datascan is an industry leader in inventory counting, helping modern retailers navigate the plethora of supply chain, inventory, stock management and data-related challenges they need to in order to thrive in the modern retail landscape. On “Keeping Count,” the company will help shape the conversation around those trends, offering leading insights primed to help retailers […]