Life in Polymers


Jody Walker says

Life in Polymers: Machining Plastics and Why Compression Molding Beats Out Extrusion

On the first episode of Life in Polymers, we’re breaking down the basics of machining plastics, and specifically the differences between extrusion and compression molding. Both are ways that plastics are machined, but it’s a different approach. To provide insight, we’re joined by Jody Walker, Western Region Business Development Manager, and Paul Hanson, Eastern…

How New Materials and Tech are Pushing the Industry Forward with Ian Daniels of Tamlyn

New materials and new technology have shaken up the AEC industry and pushed development forward. For Ian Daniels, Director of Architectural Products at Tamlyn, these new materials and challenges are opportunities to develop creative solutions. When architects come with a design that presents a challenge, that’s when the fun begins. “We’ll dive into it,…