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Making Bright Ideas Work: Leveraging Local Resources with Powerful Global Networks

Two Sunrise Labs heavy hitters, Chuck Smith, Principal Mechanical Engineer, and Doug Browne, Director of Mechanical Engineering and Design Transfer, joined host Tyler Kern for an in-depth discussion on leveraging local expertise for medical device development. Both the term medical devices and the expertise needed to create such equipment are broad in their scope. Still, […]

Continuous Integration and Automated Testing: When, Why, and How

No one loved group projects in school, but working together as a team is important at any level of business. Working in a team always can be complicated, but that’s especially true when developing engineering services for medical device, said Mike Goulet, Program Manager and Principal Software Engineer at Sunrise Labs. That’s why developing processes […]

Quality Assurance Teams and Building a Foundation of Trust

Building a foundation of trust and respect within a quality team is paramount to leading a successful development program for our clients. When you empower your team to make the right decisions, it fosters innovation, ownership, and accountability for a positive outcome. Things move faster and more efficiently when there is trust and mutual respect between QA and the other engineering teams. Additionally, our clients trust that we’ve done our due diligence, that we have provided them with a product that they can take forward into the market.

Making Bright Ideas Work: Empathy is Key to Home Use Medical Device Success

The healthcare industry has been trending toward health monitoring in the home environment, and since COVID-19, this trend has significantly increased. Medical device manufacturers are experiencing many new opportunities and additional challenges in designing medical devices for a more diverse user population and less controlled use environment. In this Sunrise Labs podcast, Alex Therrien, Director […]

The Present and Future of Education Technology: Voices of eLearning

Voices of eLearning host, JW Marshall, spoke with Harris Goodman, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy at Achieve 3000, a 20 year old education software provider focused on K-12 literacy and other edTech products and services. Marshall kicked off the conversation with  the topic of data interoperability.  “There’s a lot of data being […]

Key Considerations in Choosing a Design Partner and Contract Manufacturer with Eric Soederberg, CEO at Sunrise Labs

On this episode of “Making Bright Ideas Work,” Eric Soederberg, CEO at Sunrise Labs, explains that if you choose a manufacturer to design your product, you may lose the ability to take a fresh look at your design. After the design is defined is the time to select the most appropriate contract manufacturer and […]

Making Bright Ideas Work: Continuous Improvement and Investing in Your Company’s Future

Building a company culture of continuous improvement and investing for the future sounds like an obvious recipe for success, but it is easier said than done. Eric Soederberg, CEO of Sunrise Labs, joined Tyler Kern on this episode of the Sunrise Podcast to talk about the importance of creating the right work environment for […]

Making Bright Ideas Work: The Keys to Successfully Outsourcing Product

No one is an expert at everything, which is why hiring a product development team to get your medical product off the ground can determine whether it will ultimately sink or swim. Product development team expert at Sunrise Labs, Laurin Noel, joins Making Bright Ides Work to discuss what components lead to a successful […]

Making Bright Ideas Work: Project Management is Most Successful When it’s Personal

For all the discussion about process improvement, company culture, and team member morale, you might recall that Sunrise Labs is a medical product development firm. Sunrise Labs was founded to be different, and that’s evident in everything they do down to the way they run their daily operations. Today on Making Bright Ideas Work, […]

Brian Johnson said

Making Bright Ideas Work: The Trade Group Looking Out for the MedTech Community

Perhaps no state is more renowned for medicine than Massachusetts. The Commonwealth is host to leading hospitals, medical centers, and medical device companies that are maturing next generation technologies. But medtech enterprises large and small need representatives to ensure that innovations in the space can thrive. That’s where Brian Johnson comes in. He is […]

Jim Turner & Mike Goulet says

Sunrise Labs Job Opportunity: Impact Medical Technology as a Software Engineer & Architect

With healthy growth rates projected for the medical technology and devices industry globally, MedTech careers are in high demand. On this episode of Making Bright Ideas Work, we break down how two open positions in the software and product development field at Sunrise Labs are affecting medical change on an industry level. To share […]

The Sunrise Podcast: Company Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast with Eric Soederberg of Sunrise Labs

What are the keys to a successful business? Many will claim that businesses can stay ahead by keeping up with current trends, being innovative, and offering competitive price points, but what about other competitive advantages? What about a high level of respect for your employees and the same amount of integrity? Eric Soederberg, President […]

The Sunrise Podcast: Avoiding the Pain Points of Getting MedTech to Market, with Adam Jacobs

Getting a medical product to market is no simple task. From conception, to development, to marketing to appeal to audiences worldwide, every step has its speed bumps, and like a speed bump, and put in place for good measure. Quality control for feasibility and engineering tests both play a part in making sure that […]

In MedTech, How Do You Define a User Need? with Nick Lesniewski-Laas of Sunrise Labs

The fundamental question that comes with designing new MedTech devices is this one: What are the user needs and requirements? The questions feels simple enough, but it’s far from simple. With that question comes others: Who is the user? What makes a good requirement? How do you actually test these requirements? For a MedTech […]

Med Tech: From Mind to Market with David Hibbard of Sunrise Labs

Having a “Eureka!” moment and coming up with a new idea is only the first step in a lengthy and sometimes tedious process known as medical device development. David Hibbard of Sunrise Labs has worked in medical technology development for over 25 years, so David knows a thing or two about navigating this process. […]