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Making Bright Ideas Work: Continuous Improvement and Investing in Your Company’s Future

  Building a company culture of continuous improvement and investing for the future sounds like an obvious recipe for success, but it is easier said than done. Eric Soederberg, CEO of Sunrise Labs, joined Tyler Kern on this episode of the Sunrise Podcast to talk about the importance of creating the right work environment for […]

Making Bright Ideas Work: The Keys to Successfully Outsourcing Product

  No one is an expert at everything, which is why hiring a product development team to get your medical product off the ground can determine whether it will ultimately sink or swim. Product development team expert at Sunrise Labs, Laurin Noel, joins Making Bright Ides Work to discuss what components lead to a successful […]

Making Bright Ideas Work: Project Management is Most Successful When it’s Personal

  For all the discussion about process improvement, company culture, and team member morale, you might recall that Sunrise Labs is a medical product development firm. Sunrise Labs was founded to be different, and that’s evident in everything they do down to the way they run their daily operations. Today on Making Bright Ideas Work, […]

Brian Johnson said

Making Bright Ideas Work: The Trade Group Looking Out for the MedTech Community

  Perhaps no state is more renowned for medicine than Massachusetts. The Commonwealth is host to leading hospitals, medical centers, and medical device companies that are maturing next generation technologies. But medtech enterprises large and small need representatives to ensure that innovations in the space can thrive. That’s where Brian Johnson comes in. He is […]